WILD GORSE Botanical Pet Shampoo

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This unique and fragrant formulation combines the bright fragrance of Eucalyptus and the woodsy redolence of Quillaja Saponaria with a gentle cleanser to stimulate and nurture your pet’s skin. Mild enough for regular use.

100% Natural fragrances


From the leaves of the Australian evergreen. This vibrant essential oil contains powerful, natural antimicrobial agents.

Quillaja Saponaria

From the soapbark tree in central Chile. Quillaja has a long history of medicinal use with the Andeans, especially to stimulate a normal, healthy immune response.


Gordon MacIntyre has explored the world in search of rare botanicals and natural extracts to enhance the skin and coat of your companion. These ingredients are combined with unique aromatherapy fragrances. Even the lathering levels have been optimized to produce a luxurious foam that efficiently cleans your pet, yet also rinses easily from the hair coat. 

Exceptional lathering cleansers for your dog or cat.